The European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the outbreak of COVID-19. A dedicated website has been launched including information on the latest developments and actions, general advice, useful contacts and links, statistics and various other topics of interest for European citizens and institutions, which will be regularly updated, given the unprecedented situation Europe has been experiencing due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


Please see additional support materials on the EURAXESS EU Portal


For COVID-19 Outbreak and Home Isolation Related Questions:

Call *5400 (available 08:00-23:00) or HMO Hotlines: Clalit *2700, Maccabi *3555, Meuhedet *3833, Leumit *507


Latest Guidelines for the new routine (regular updates)

Update: Jan. 20,  2021
The Ministry of Health frequently releases and updates the guidelines for the new routine.

To resume normal activities alongside COVID-19, adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines:

  • Wear a face mask when you leave home
  • Practice hygiene
  • Stay 2 meters from other individuals
  • Avoid public spaces if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms
  • Follow the "Purple Badge" (Hebrew) guidelines at work and places of business


Click here for more information on regulations 

The guidance is effective 8.1.2021 at midnight until Sunday, 31.1.2021 23:59 hrs.



What are the recommendations for people traveling abroad?

In general, reconsider all nonessential travel abroad.

If, however, you do decide to travel, be sure to practice strict hygiene during your stay. Furthermore, it is recommended that you avoid contact with either living or dead animals, stay away from livestock markets, and avoid unnecessary visits in healthcare establishments.

In any case, due to the highly dynamic nature of the situation, it is recommended that you keep yourself up-to-date on the reports on the situation in your local region and the guidance by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local authorities at each destination.


Are there restrictions on traveling abroad?

It is recommended to consider nonessential private travel abroad.

Until further notice, all healthcare system personnel must not travel abroad.

The Civil Service Commission has issued guidance for state employees to avoid traveling abroad in an official capacity and to reconsider the necessity of traveling in a private capacity.

Avoid travel to international conferences, gatherings and events, including religious events.


I returned to Israel from abroad, what should I do?

If you had returned to Israel from anywhere in the world, you must complete the full isolation period. International travelers that are allowed entry to Israel will be arranged to be transferred by the Home Front Command from Ben Gurion Airport to designated hotel to complete the full isolation duration.

It is possible to submit a humanitarian application for exceptional cases (such as severely disabled, patients with oncological conditions, surrogate parents, people with psychiatric conditions etc.) to complete isolation at home.

Applications must be submitted prior to departure via a designated online form (Hebrew). If the application is approved, travelers will be sent home after filling out the online home isolation report and signing a statement.

If you enter home isolation, you must report to the Ministry of Health.

Send an online report about home isolation.

Send an online application for home isolation


Who is permitted to enter Israel?

Entry into Israel is permitted to any citizen or resident of Israel, but they are obliged to be isolated upon their arrival from abroad.

All foreign nationals are denied entry to Israel at this time.

In exceptional cases, one may apply for approval of the Foreign Ministry subject to proof of the ability to remain in home isolation for 14 days upon arrival in Israel.



Click here to see a video on how to stop the spread of the Coronavirus 



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