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Language Courses



  • Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. Most of the population speaks Hebrew.
  • The Hebrew language is written from right to left and uses the Hebrew alphabet.
  • Traffic signs and street names are mostly written in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
  • Israelis have decent abilities to communicate in English, as it is taught from the early grades in elementary school and many television programs are broadcasted in English.


Learning Hebrew:

The "Ulpan" is a course dedicated to teaching the Hebrew language. Target population: Students of all ages and backgrounds, Individuals, and families. Ulpan programs run from 3 weeks up to 20 weeks.


University Ulpan Programs:

 Rothberg International School (Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ulpan)

 Haifa University - Summer Ulpan

 The Preparatory Program (Mechina) & Ulpan (Bar Ilan University)

 Weizmann Institute of Science Ulpan

 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Ulpan


Other Ulpan Programs:

Ulpan La-Inyan

Hebrew Culture Ulpan-Milah

The Jewish Agency for Israel


App for Learning Hebrew:

Ma Kore ® is the award-winning app that makes learning Hebrew simple and fun! Quickly learn essential vocabulary, phrases, and grammar concepts.

Designed especially for students and tourists as well as business and medical professionals.

Learn Hebrew - Ma Kore (iPhone)

Learn Hebrew - Ma Kore (Android)