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Pensions and workers rights for Researchers


Most of visiting scientists are not allowed to work in Israel but are allowed to receive a monthly stipend.

If they received a work permit, they have all the social rights of any other worker in Israel.

Labor laws and statutes guarantee the rights of workers, and those rights are protected by workers’ committees, Labor Courts, and the Histadrut Labor Federation. The laws regulate salaries, hiring, firing, advancement, professional training, National Insurance benefits (pensions, sick days, work accidents, etc.) work hours, and vacations.


For more information (Hebrew), you can visit the Ministry of Economy and Industry website.

You can also find here detailed information in English.


Resaver Consortium

RESAVER is a state-of-the-art Pan-European Pension Plan that enables mobile and non-mobile employees to remain with the same pension arrangement when moving between countries and when changing jobs.