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Career Development

Career development is an important activity for early-stage researchers


Opportunities Career Achievement Success Concept

The situation of young, super-talented, researchers graduating from their advanced studies and not finding a job is much too common.

The purpose of career development is to support the continuous professional development of researchers in the following ways:

  •  Skills Development- training targeted to the labor market: IPR, networking, etc.
  •  Connections and networking- activities for contact with relevant employers, such as "speed-dating" events.
  •  Information and consulting- databases of relevant information about employers, jobs & opportunities, and grants or fellowships.


Existing services in Israel


Career Development: Women in Academia and Beyond

Career development success

Israel strives to increase the national product (GDP) and improve the quality of life by enhancing the involvement of women in the fields of science, technology and innovation. We endeavor to increase the percentage of women's participation in the fields of science and technology and to improve their status. 


Resources and information for advancing women in STEM in Israel: