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Scientific Entrepreneurship

Scientific Entrepreneurship


Researchers willing to consider alternatives to a traditional scientific career path in academia or industry can find direct hands-on information regarding scientific entrepreneurship opportunities available in Israel, funding programmes, information on Visa permits, and specialised programmes to attract and retain talents and researchers interested in creating their own business in Israel.

In addition, Ph.D. candidates, Early-stage researchers, and Experienced Researchers interested in undertaking an entrepreneurial career are invited to explore this topic by browsing the Career development section in the European portal, in order to see a general overview of what scientific entrepreneurship is about, to be guided in the valorization of the research results, and to better understand “entrepreneurial” vocabulary. EURAXESS Centres aims to support researchers in deciding whether their research results or invention is ready or appropriate to go from the lab to the market.





*Disclaimer - This is a pilot activity involving 5 EURAXESS members countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, and Israel) that has been developed within a specific work package of EURAXESS TOP IV “Open EURAXESS – To strengthen the effectiveness and optimize the services of all partners in an innovative and open EURAXESS Network – EURAXESS TOPIV” (Grant Agreement no. 786133) aiming at supporting the EURAXESS community to have the necessary know-how and tools to develop new services oriented to a better connection between academia and industry.



Join our reverse innovation schemes for setting up a sustainable industry-academia collaborations



IP&D - Innovation, Projects and Development Ltd. (IP&D) was established in 2003. IP&D engages in research support and projects on a national and international level including Technology Transfer and entrepreneurship. IP&D is the Israeli BHO on behalf of the Israel Ministry of Science and Space, and is a major consultant to Higher Education Institutes, focusing on EU endeavors. IP&D is also a EURAXESS Centre focusing on industry, in cooperation with the Israel Innovation Authority, Technological Innovation Incubators Program, the Chamber of Commerce, The Manufacturers Association of Israel, and Accelerators such as DRIVE.


IP&D has chaired the “Financing Innovation Working Group'' of the IRC network of DG Enterprise, a member of the HRM Steering Group, as well as served as an expert in several EU committees. IP&D has taken an active part in the EURAXESS Network Management team, WP leader of EURAXESS Projects, EURAXIND - leading Industry Workshops in seven countries, WP leader of IMPACT-e project, and is involved in the organization of events and workshops, specifically with other sectors outside academia.


IPD is Task Leader of the EURAXESS Startup Hub Tour flagship project, a series of three study visits for R1 or R2 researchers to the lively capitals of three startup nations: Israel, Estonia, and Luxembourg

IP&D coordinates the Israeli hub EURAXESS Forum of research universities in Israel, all having extremelysuccessful TTOs. IP&D focuses on the interface between academia and the high-level private sector with strong contacts with entrepreneurs, government authorities, Israel Innovation Authority.



IP&D is part of the Israeli ecosystem of entrepreneurship, start-ups, accelerators, and incubators. This ecosystem has been well-established for many years with about 7000 active start-ups, Israel is recognized globally as a start-up nation. During the last year, about 20 billion Euros have been raised by those start-ups, second in the world to the US. Most of the largest international hi-tech enterprises (over 380) have branches and established R&D divisions in Israel (Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Intel, Google, Lenovo, LG, Merck, and many more). Recently Academia-Industry cooperation has reached a new level.

The Israel Local Start-up Hub, IP&D and its collaborators: the Israeli Forum of EURAXESS centers, the Technion and its associated T-hub and the accelerator DRIVE, Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Bina - Applicative Science Unit, Weizmann Institute has the competences to offer basic and advanced services to talents (Bachelor, Master students, Ph.D. candidates, R2-R4 researchers, and EURAXESS staff) in the form of webinars, workshops, and study visits, and start-up tours.

The local Israeli Hub has the competence and a vision to offer training in a variety of leadership skills, creativity, problem-solving, communication, influence and presentation of the subject, teamwork, and global orientation case by case depending on the future funding of such a program. 


Below are specializations of our local Hub:

  • Information and assistance on registering and patenting Intellectual Property
  • Consultancy in creating and maintaining industry partnerships
  • Networking services (with higher education, industries, public sector, associations/clusters, and other start-ups)
  • Reverse innovation
  • Business mentoring and coaching
  • Technological mentoring and coaching
  • Feasibility assessment of innovative research results

The EURAXESS Startup Hub is a networked program of support to sci entrepreneurs, setup by the research and funding organizations from 7 countries, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel, Luxembourg, Montenegro and Serbia, with participation of tens of external stakeholders, the prominent actors in national startup ecosystems of the above countries.