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Scientific Entrepreneurship


Researchers willing to consider alternatives to a traditional scientific career path in academia or industry can find direct hands-on information regarding scientific entrepreneurship opportunities available in Israel, funding programmes, information on Visa permits, and specialised programmes to attract and retain talents and researchers interested in creating their own business in Israel.

In addition, Ph.D. candidates, Early-stage researchers, and Experienced Researchers interested in undertaking an entrepreneurial career are invited to explore this topic by browsing the Career development section in the European portal, in order to see a general overview of what scientific entrepreneurship is about, to be guided in the valorization of the research results, and to better understand “entrepreneurial” vocabulary. EURAXESS Centres aims to support researchers in deciding whether their research results or invention is ready or appropriate to go from the lab to the market.


The Israel Tech Transfer Organization: (ITTN) serves as the umbrella organization for Israel’s technology transfer companies. These companies are affiliated with the country’s world-renowned universities and research institutions.
Currently, the 15 partnering organizations comprise the shareholders. ITTN intends to add more members from Israel’s government-owned medical centers and research institutions. ITTN is a private non-profit organization.

The Partnering Organizations

ITTN’s partners are affiliated with some of the world’s leading educational and research institutions.

  • Representing the interest of its member organizations before the Kneset, government authorities, ministries, agencies and committees.
  • Advancing collaborative efforts between the technology transfer community in Israel and its counterparts around the world.
  • Improving the accessibility of the public to new and innovative research findings and inventions performed at Israel's leading universities and research institutes.
ITTN's partners are affiliated with some of the world's leading Educational and Research Institutions.


*Disclaimer - This is a pilot activity involving 5 EURAXESS members countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary and Israel) that has been developed within a specific work package of EURAXESS TOP IV “Open EURAXESS – To strengthen the effectiveness and optimize the services of all partners in an innovative and open EURAXESS Network – EURAXESS TOPIV” (Grant Agreement no. 786133) aiming at supporting the EURAXESS community to have the necessary know-how and tools to develop new services oriented to a better connection between academia and industry.