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Departure Conditions and Formalities



This page is meant for two groups of researchers:

  1.  Israeli researchers leaving the country to study/conduct research abroad.
  2.   Foreign researchers who studied/ researched in Israel and want to return home.



You received the good news and have been accepted as a fully funded post-doc or other research position at a prestigious university abroad.






After all your experiences in Israel (with many good memories), it’s time to leave.
There are some important things to take care before you will get on the plane:
  • Make sure to finish all your academic and research obligations. Ask the relevant university office for confirmation of what you have done.
  • If you rented an apartment, make sure with the home-owner that everything is in order.
  • Check the validity of your passport (and your family) and renew if needed.
  • Close your irrelevant accounts (cables, internet, phone, mobile phones, toll roads-Kvish Shesh/ Minharot HaCarmel, property tax - Arnona, water electricity, and gas).
  • If you bought a car, sell it and don’t forget to cancel your car insurance.
  • Find out with the relevant insurance company how to transfer money from your pension and education funds (Keren Hishtalmut). This is only relevant only if you were paid a salary from an Israeli employer.
  • Find out about the transportation options for your belongings and decide which option is best for you. When you are packing, think about the necessary things you will need in the next weeks and take them with you, because it takes time for shipments to arrive.
  • Sell all the things you don’t need via Facebook or a garage sale.
  • Say goodbye :-)