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Childcare, Education and Family Related Issues



Childcare and Education:

  • Israel has a well-developed pre-school educational system, including creches and day-care centers, as well as private caretakers, for infants and toddlers, nursery school and pre-kindergarten and kindergarten (private or partly private).
  • Preschool begins as early as three years old and is sponsored by the government. Preschool classes can be morning, afternoon, or full-day. They aim to provide the social and learning skills necessary for future academic success. Nurseries include three levels: three-year-old preschool (trom-trom chova), four-year-old preschool (trom-chova), and five-year-old kindergarten (gan chova).
  • Compulsory free education begins at age 3. Although primary and secondary education is generally free, most schools require a nominal annual payment to cover incidental expenses.
  • Hebrew is the official language taught in school, and Israeli students begin to study other languages at the age of ten.
  • If you have children, it is advisable to consult the EURAXESS Service Center in your institution, as early registration may be necessary. They already have a lot of experience with foreign researchers and they will be glad to help you with information (education, activities, playgrounds, etc.)
  • If you or your spouse is pregnant, here is all the required info from Weizmann Institute 

School Year Calendar:

  1. Elementary schools - September 1st - June 30th
  2. Secondary schools (usually from grade 7) - September 1st - June 20th
  3. Many schools continue through early August, and most are closed during the last two weeks of August. Summer camps or summer sessions are almost always private and require payment.