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Medical Care


Israel has a high standard of health services, top-quality medical technology and research, modern hospital facilities and an impressive ratio of physicians to population. Each of Israel's universities is located near a major Hospital. For a complete list of all hospitals and medical centers in Israel, please check Here .

Emergency Services in Israel:

Round-the-clock emergency services, seven days a week, throughout the country. Call 101 in an emergency.

  • Duty Hospitals (Hadar Miyun)

Emergency rooms in major hospitals are on duty 24 hours a day. A fee is normally charged for emergency room services, unless Magen David Adom refers the patient there or when the case is so urgent that there is no possibility of prior consultation.

  • Duty Pharmacies

The daily press publishes the address and telephone numbers of pharmacies which remain open in the rotation, on Sabbath, holidays and at night. Listings of the duty pharmacies are posted on every pharmacy door.

Terem is a group of medical clinics dispersed throughout Israel, which provide both Emergency and regular medical care. These clinics are open 24/7 and are available to both locals and visitors from abroad.